It’s safe to say that you must have some interest in MRI technicians and what they do, now that you’re here. We will inform you of the basics of MRI techs, the technology they use, what it takes to become one, and their demand. Gaining insight on this information will help you to decide if MRI technology is a career path for you.

All about MRI Technology

MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is a way for doctors to view and examine tissues within the body. MRI’s use a powerful, active magnetic field that creates images of body tissues. This helps doctors to determine and diagnose any problems. MRI’s have no need for the use of radiation. Radio frequency energy and the use of a magnetic field is enough to produce clear images. Although radiation is not used, MRI technology still has some minor, preventable hazards. It is the patient’s duty to inform the tech of any metal on or within the body. This is because of metal’s attraction to the magnets used in the machinery. You can find more detailed information on the use and benefits of MRI technology here at

Now, all about MRI technicians

Now that we’ve gained insight on MRI technology, we can now talk about what MRI technicians do. MRI technicians have the main responsibility of preparing and ensuring their patients. Preparing patients includes informing them of the procedure and answering any further questions. Another important responsibility for technicians is recording and maintaining patient’s medical history. MRI technicians ensure patients’ well-being by scanning only necessary areas. Positioning patients correctly helps to get the most accurate images for proper diagnosis. MRI techs also need knowledge and proper training working with the machinery. This is achieved with training programs and furthering education beyond an associate’s degree. Many technicians often work in either healthcare facilities or hospitals. The work environment for technicians includes long hours and time on their feet. Yet, among the many tasks of an MRI tech, the patient is the most important as well as maintaining equipment.

Is there a demand for MRI technicians?

The demand for MRI technicians will increase by 10% from 2014 to 2024, which you can learn more about here. In May 2015, California had 2,650 employed as MRI technicians. California was the second state with the most MRI technicians employed. Demand for MRI technicians is growing and expected to continue to grow. For information on this visit

How can I get started?

Subjects such as physics, biology or anatomy would be helpful for those still in high school. This will prepare those for college education towards becoming an MRI technician. Techs have at least an associate’s degree after college education. There are programs for furthering their education also. MRI technicians can receive a bachelor’s degree and graduate certificates if they choose.

The variety of careers in the medical field can be overwhelming. MRI technicians have the main responsibility of the patient and the machinery. They strive through long hours and often work with others. MRI technology will be beneficial to your future if any of the information sounds up your alley. Be sure to check out our website for more information on how to enroll and more. See you soon!