Advisory Board

Consider Becoming an Advisory Board Member if You Have Expertise in Healthcare, Education and Employment

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to consult with and advise Sacramento Ultrasound Institute on matters relating to education, employment, feasibility, and healthcare, provide feedback to the College’s level of achievement in meeting its stated goals and objectives; share information about the Sacramento Ultrasound Institute’s goals, plans and achievements with interested public; and serve as a liaison between Sacramento Ultrasound Institute and the community in order to promote mutual understanding and cooperation.


  • The Advisory Board consists of 4 to 12 members per program.
  • Membership is at the invitation of the CEO, COO, or Program Director.
  • Company representation is generally limited to one member per company unless significantly distinct roles are represented, in which case two individuals may serve.
  • The term of Board membership is two years

Structure and Work

  • The work of the Advisory Board focuses on national health care issues, how they impact the healthcare industry, and the role a Sacramento Ultrasound Institute Graduate should play.
  • Meetings are structured somewhat like a think tank. There is usually ample opportunity to contribute personal perspectives.
  • Advisory Board members are asked from time to time to identify possible financial resources for specific projects and to be an advocate on behalf of the college.


  • The Advisory Board meets twice per year
  • Meetings are generally held at the SUI Campus or other nearby restaurants.
  • Lunch or dinner will be provided
  • Meetings are held on Fridays and start at 6:00 p.m. and adjourn by 9:00 p.m.

Becoming a Member

If you are interested in joining the advisory board, please complete the membership application by clicking on the button below.

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