What Every Future Echocardiographer Should Know

Choosing to become an echocardiographer is a big commitment, so we are sharing some advice to help you make an informed decision about whether it is the right career for you!

The heart is a fascinating organ, and its contribution is immense. A career in cardiac sonography can be extremely rewarding. Cardiac sonographers work closely with cardiologists, and they play a key role in the health care system. The results of the echocardiogram test will give cardiologists a look inside the patient’s heart, allowing them to be able to give a diagnosis and initiate an appropriate treatment plan. Individuals that are interested in meaningful, fast-paced, patient-centered work, also with decent pay, will enjoy a career in cardiac sonography.

What is your advice for future echo techs?

  • Students should master their knowledge in Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology and Ultrasound Physics; these contents are the foundation of cardiac sonography.
  • All health care workers are expected to put the patient care in the center of their work.
  • Protect your health and professional career by using good ergonomics.

Cardiac Sonography programs will vary in structure and schedule. However, all programs should consist of didactic and lab training with an extensive externship to gain clinical experience, fulfill competency requirements, and learn the daily job responsibilities of an echocardiographer. Cardiac Sonography programs should prepare you to become a registered entry-level echocardiographer.

Think that Cardiac Sonography is right for you?

Continue your research about the field of Cardiac Sonography! You might also consider exploring both paid and volunteer opportunities to provide you with more insight about medical careers!

Lastly, make sure that you are on the right educational path toward applying to echocardiography programs.

Each Cardiac Sonography programs will have different admissions requirements. Learn more about SUI’s HERE.

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What Every Future Echocardiographer Should Know1

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