Have you ever wondered what SUI’s classroom looks like? The Medical Assisting classroom might feel familiar! That’s because the room has been outfitted to look, feel, and operate like your physician’s office. With patient examination tables, sterilization equipment, and various diagnostic tools, students can perform labs and tests that are regularly performed in a modern medical setting.

Medical Assisting student Teresa Mason says that the hands-on learning is her favorite part of the program so far. Mason began the program in February 2021, with an interest in Medical Assisting as a way to help others. Since then, Mason and her fellow students have practiced labs that place them in their future role as a Medical Assistant, with one of her favorites being the peak flow test, a test commonly used for patients with asthma to measure airflow in the lungs.

These tests are regularly performed by MAs in physician’s offices every single day. The practical training for Medical Students builds the confidence, accuracy, and care that MAs will need for both their externship and their future place of employment.

The Medical Assisting program began at the Sacramento Ultrasound Institute in 2019. Since then, the program has fostered a dynamic and hands-on driven learning environment. As far as SUI’s learning philosophy, MA Program Director Elaine Araullo explains that “Our motto for medical assisting is ‘Watch one, do one, teach one.’ After you watch something, if you can do it and are able to teach it, you know you got it.” This learning technique is the foundation for our MA program and helps create an atmosphere based on collaboration and practical application.

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