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Been a student here for a couple months now and I can personally vouch for the balanced difficulty level and the overall curriculum. My instructors are fair, but make sure they aren’t too lenient. I’ve learned so much at a fast pace and I’m sure it will feel like I EARNED my degree when its time to graduate!!

Drew C. – Current Student

I graduated from the DMS program a few years ago and was quickly offered a position at my externship site. Passed the ARDMS exam on my first try thanks to the workshops and tutoring they offered for free to all students. The admin and instructors actually cared about who I was and did everything they could to help me succeed. Honestly, kind of felt more like a big family than your typical college.

Alex S. – Alumni

As a student there I can attest to the quality, thoroughness and difficulty of the curriculum. The students are given tremendous support by the administration and the instructors. The Instructors are all multi-discipline ARDMS certified sonographers. Several are doctors.I am a current student and find the coursework very fast paced and challenging. Maybe Chelan B was overwhelmed by the difficulty of the program and failed, I don’t know. As for Sima Dermishyan the director/CEO, She too is a multi discipline ARDMS and knows of which she speaks, I experienced an unfortunate series of family tragedies and Sima bent over backward to accommodate my leaves of absence and she personally facilitated my return. The school has worked hard to obtain their ABHES accreditation and is always upgrading student services, the course material both online and publications. The Davies SPI study program is available online. The ultra sound lab has expanded with new equipment added. Everything is made available for you to succeed. You only have to do your part.

Bill E. – Alumni

My daughter loves everything about this school. She has achieved noticeable maturity since attending and developed a skill set that she can utilize in the business world! This is a credible school with a SOLID fundamental influence on education and growth. The staff are very active with communicating to their students and among each other. I highly recommend the Sacramento Ultrasound Institute for their consistency and dedication to development.

Julie M. – Parent of current student

As a graduate of Sacramento Ultrasound Program, I was able to enter the workforce with confidence and knowledge.  The morning classes made it possible for me to go to school around my family’s schedule.  The instructors were supportive and conscientious in providing a positive learning experience.  The clinical settings allowed me to develop my practical scanning skills, working with patients and other health care professionals.  I am grateful to the Sacramento Ultrasound Program for giving me a foundation of knowledge necessary to succeed as a student and preparing me for my career as an Ultrasound Tech.

O. Kostyuk

SUI is great in that it prepares you to be an entry-level tech right out of school!

N. Stewart

As a previous student of Sacramento Ultrasound Institute I can easily say this school has all the tools you need to succeed. I was in it, and can tell you that all the students in that class have successfully completed the program and are currently working. If you’re willing to challenge yourself and put in the effort, the school staff will go above and beyond to take care of you!

N. Melikyan

The school and staff were wonderful! I felt supported and set up to succeed. They were willing to help in every way possible, and went above and beyond in so many ways. My externship site was also great. I felt really well taken care of and learned a ton with the variety of exams they provided and high patient flow. I graduated feeling confident in my ability to scan. Highly recommend their program.

G. Cox

I have had the best experience here at SUI. The staff is super helpful and supportive, it feels like a family here. I would definitely recommend SUI as a school to start your career in the medical field.

K. Madrigal

Being at SUI and in the Medical Assistant program has been the best experience. The teacher is the absolute best and genuinely cares about her students. Everyone at SUI is helpful and are willing to help others in order to be better. I would highly recommend SUI and the Medical Assisting program.

D. Zavala