A Career in Sonography How Sonographers Improve Lives Sacramento Ultrasound Institute

There were various versions of previous ultrasounds, but sonography was first introduced for medical purposes in the 1950s by Dr. Ian Donald in Glasgow.[1] Since its first use, medical sonography has evolved in accuracy and efficiency while being integrated into care after commercial units became available in the 1960s. Ultrasound continues to evolve as a vital tool in the modern medical office.

Why does ultrasound play such a significant role in medicine? Since its start after the 2nd World War[2], ultrasounds changed the world of diagnostics and its related treatment. Medical professionals have been able to use ultrasound images to observe the body as never before. Sonography has been particularly powerful in diagnosis serious illness with speed.

An added benefit of sonography is that it can be utilized for scanning several areas of the body. You can specialize in echo/cardiac, pediatric, obstetrics/gynecology, vascular, and more! Think of all the benefits of being able to view the entirety of the inside of the body.

Are you ready to change lives? Consider a career in sonography!

[1] The Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy program is starting soon! With options in the morning and evening, the time to jump start your career is now!

[2] https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/a-brief-history-of-the-sonogram-180978732/

A Career in Sonography How Sonographers Improve Lives Sacramento Ultrasound Institute2

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