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As a student there I can attest to the quality, thoroughness and difficulty of the curriculum. The students are given tremendous support by the administration and the instructors. The Instructors are all multi-discipline ARDMS certified sonographers. Several are doctors.I am a current student and find the coursework very fast paced and challenging. Maybe Chelan B was overwhelmed by the difficulty of the program and failed, I don’t know. As for Sima Dermishyan the director/CEO, She too is a multi discipline ARDMS and knows of which she speaks, I experienced an unfortunate series of family tragedies and Sima bent over backward to accommodate my leaves of absence and she personally facilitated my return. The school has worked hard to obtain their ABHES accreditation and is always upgrading student services, the course material both online and publications. The Davies SPI study program is available online. The ultra sound lab has expanded with new equipment added. Everything is made available for you to succeed. You only have to do your part.

Bill E. – Alumni

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