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COVID-19 Update

6/1/20 - UPDATE - HEERF Funds

To Read the Full Report, please visit HEERF Report Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students.

5/8/20 - UPDATE - CARES Grants

Please visit the CARES Grants webpage for information about cash grants to active students.

4/2/20 - UPDATE - Plan for Externships

Dear SUI students waiting on clinical sites,

We continue to monitor information from national, state and local public health officials on the evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Recently, President Trump extended the federal social distancing guidelines until April 30. With the information we have at this time, we have determined that the best course of action for SUI is to “simulate externships” through distance education beginning 4/6/20.

As you are already aware, we have partnered with SonoSim to provide simulators while we wait for clinical sites to resume externship rotations. The amount of work you will be required to complete will take approximately 24 hours per week for the next 7 weeks (5/22/20).

Externship Hours & Assignments

  • You will receive externship hours that count towards graduation for each module you complete.
  • You must complete each module with a grade of 75% or higher to receive credit.
  • Each module will award a certain number of hours regardless of how much actual time you spend on completing it.
  • The number of hours each module will award will vary between modules.
  • You can receive up to 213 externship hours by completing the online modules.

Please note that if hospitals/clinics resume rotations earlier than 5/22/20, you will be allowed to complete the rest of your externship at your assigned site.

Hours Completed

Some students have completed more hours than others. Therefore, we have set guidelines based on your current progress.

  • If you have not yet been placed at a clinical site, the hours earned during the next 7 weeks will count towards your externship.
  • If you are near the end of your externship (500+ Hours) and you have completed all required competencies, you may be able to complete the remaining hours and graduate from the program.
  • If you are near the end of your externship (500+ Hours) but have not completed all required competencies, you will be placed at a clinical site once you are allowed to do so.

Some of you may require additional hours once you return to your clinical site to complete the required competencies. If this turns out to be the case, we will extend your rotation at the clinical site. The additional hours will give you more time to complete the required competencies. Also, the additional time at the clinical site will not result in any additional tuition and/or fees.


SUI has been working with JRC-DMS to establish interim clinical competency requirements for students affected by the Coronavirus Outbreak. Under their guidance, SUI has reduced the number of competencies required for graduation.

Historically, SUI has gone above and beyond to prepare students for the field by requiring a greater number of competencies than required by the JRC-DMS. We are aware that many of you have completed competencies that are not listed below. Unfortunately, those will not account for the mandatory list to be completed.

General Concentration

Students will be required to complete the following competencies in order to graduate from the program:

  • Abdomen Complete
  • OB/GYN 1st Trimester
  • OB/GYN 2nd Trimester
  • OB/GYN 3rd Trimester
  • Pelvic-Transabdominal
  • Pelvic-Transvaginal
  • Thyroid
  • Scrotum
  • Non-Cardiac Chest

Echocardiography Concentration:

Students will be required to complete the following competencies in order to graduate from the program:

  • 5 Echo Complete

If you have any questions about this, please contact Tamara Spiva at or Malvina Merva at

3/27/20 - UPDATE - All Programs Offered Online

As Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the community, the safety and well-being of our students are our top priority.

All In-Person Courses Moved Online

  • In-person courses will change their method of delivery to an online format.
  • Courses have been adapted to be entirely online and require synchronous live lectures in addition to online assignments to be completed. Online coursework delivery allows flexibility for each instructor to deliver the required curriculum needed for each student to complete the program successfully.
  • As a student, please be prepared to access materials online or participate in live-streamed lectures.

3/30/20 - UPDATE - Monday Memo
3/20/20 - UPDATE - Admissions & Financial Aid

Yesterday, the Governor had issued Executive Order N-33-30 that orders all individuals living or residing in the state of California to shelter at home except to maintain operations of critical federal infrastructure as outlined here. In response to this order, SUI will be moving essential operations to remote support for now.

The Admissions Office will remain open remotely throughout the Covid-19 Crisis. Classes open for enrollment will be delivered online moving forward.

If you are interested in enrolling in one of the programs at SUI, please give us a call at 916-877-7977 or email us at

If you have questions about financial aid, please send an email to

3/17/20 - UPDATE - Medical Assisting Program Online Delivery

Starting Monday, March 17, 2020, the Medical Assisting Program will be transitioned to online delivery. For those activities that cannot be delivered online, such as clinical, laboratory, exams, etc.., students may be required to be on campus at a later date.

For Students

  • Your instructor will communicate with you and provide information to guide you with transitioning to online learning.
  • During this transition, the campus will remain closed.
  • Please make sure to prepared for online learning by having a reliable computer and internet connection.

3/16/20 - UPDATE - Spring Break Announcement

Dear SUI students and employees,

Today President Trump announced new guidelines for the public to slow the spread of  the Coronavirus. The new guidelines restrict any gatherings over 10 people for the next 15 days. Because of this announcement, we will be taking the following actions:

  • Spring Break will be moved from 4/6-4/10 to 3/17-3/23.This means there will be no classes as of tomorrow until the following Tuesday.
  • Beginning 3/24, classes will be held online. More information will be provided on how this will be achieved on or before 3/23.
  • If your facility is allowing you to continue your externship, we ask that you continue your rotation and practice all safety procedures provided to you by the facility.
  • If your facility has suspended your rotation, you must stay home until a plan is formulated by SUI.

This is SUI’s current plan for the next three weeks. As this progresses we will continuously update you all on how we will be moving forward. In the meantime, we ask that you refrain from traveling and practice proper safety measures.

3/12/20 - UPDATE - Precautions

COVID-19 Support Contact Information

California Department of Health Hotline: 833-544-2374

Anxious about Coronavirus? Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor. 

COVID-19 Screening Tools

Financial Aid & COVID-19

Our Financial Aid Director, Renee Lease, is aware of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. She is monitoring the U.S. Department of Education on the next steps. Please check back here as updates are posted frequently.

For Federally held student loans owned by the U.S. Department of Education (ED), Federal Student Aid’s coronavirus (COVID-19) information page is located at  The page includes information for students, borrowers, and parents about the interest rate waiver announced by President Donald J. Trump and availability of an administrative forbearance authorized by Secretary Betsy DeVos to provide student loan relief to borrowers during the COVID-19 national emergency. Please visit the page regularly for updates.

Protecting Yourself from COVID-19

Coping With COVID-19

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